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Overview of the surface areas

Reflecting the analysis of requirements for future tenants the communal segment was conceived as a centre with universally usable laboratory areas on the one hand and production spaces in clean room laboratory conditions on the other hand.


The following high-performance norms, guidelines and standards were taken into account, amongst others, in the planning and execution of the clean rooms so as to do justice to the highest international specifications:
EU GMP - EG Guideline for Good Practice in the Manufacturing of Medicines
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
DIN EN ISO 14644 - Clean Rooms and Ancillary Clean Room Areas
DIN EN ISO 14698 - Clean Rooms and Ancillary Clean Room Areas Bio-contamination control
VDI- Guideline 2083 - Clean Room Technology

Longitudinal section

3rd floor
3 clean room areas of the clean room categories B, C and D as per GMP (development condition as built), exploitation work places, office spaces as well as function and social rooms:
clean room module south: about 235 m²
clean room module west: about 258 m²
clean room module east: about 276 m²

Enlarge plan view 1st and 2nd floors
17 laboratory units of safety category 2 as per GenTSV as well as an isotope laboratory with the following equipment:
- wall laboratory tables with cupboards below and hanging cupboards
- laboratory sinks with cupboards below and hanging cupboards
- automatic laboratory glass washing machine as lower cupboard appliance
Enlarge plan view - low-room extraction as per DIN 12924
- safety cupboard as built-in lower cupboard as per DIN 12925-1 and TRbF 22
  for the storage of hazardous substances in work spaces
- laboratory refrigerator as lower cupboard appliance
- laboratory freezer as lower cupboard appliance
- category 2 microbiological safety workbench
Enlarge plan view - ceiling-suspended media supplies
- wheeled appliance tables
- pressurised gas bottle cupboard FWF 90 as per DIN 12925-2
- pressurised air compressor and pressurised air conduits


Enlarge plan viewBasement
Storage and packaging space, central installations for technical building equipment