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Biomedical Research Centre RostockThe BMFZ

Modern biotechnology is regarded as one of the
key technologies of the 21st century. Over the past
20 years Germany has developed into an inter­nationally recognised scientific location in matters
of biotechnology.

With the building of a biomedical research centre
in the Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock, science, commerce and politics are undertaking a mutual initiative to promote the commercial region
of Rostock in the middle-term and to develop it in the long-term.

Biomedical Research Centre Rostock   Biomedical Research Centre Rostock   Biomedical Research Centre Rostock

The idea at the core of the concept is Commerce and Science door-by-door. The goal of the BMFZ is to offer hived off companies from the university's fields of research, as well as new establishments in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology, the most modern of research and production facilities. The results of their scientific work flow into application research and will be developed and marketed on the spot right up to the level of product maturity.

Laboratory   Laboratory   Laboratory

There thereby arises a synergy effect by virtue of the immediate involvement of private commercial organised research and development groups in the circle of the university clinic. In this manner research results and new discoveries can be rapidly investigated and checked with constantly possible feedback facilities for feasibility and applicability. Above all, existing and new biotechnological knowledge will be transferred into applications via newly established small biotechnology companies.

Within the BMFZ there will be a university segment and a communal segment. The university segment will be used primarily for experimental, high-quality fundamental research and university education. It is in the communal segment that applied research will take place as well as the implementation and application of the results of research right up to marketing and exploitation on the open market.

The BMFZ offers optimum working conditions for the fields of:
- regenerative medicine
- stem-cell research
- the exploration of nano-structured bio-materials as well as
- of genome and proteome research.

Facts and figures from the commercial area
Investment costs: 23.66 million Euros (21.15 million Euros development funds, 2.51 million Euros Hanseatic City of Rostock/KOE) Overall surface area: approx. 8 107 m², of which
- 1 883 m² laboratory space at safety level 2
-    769 m² clean room space in 3 laboratory modules
-    792 m² office space
-    540 m² storage space
-    405 m² special areas (meeting and rest rooms)
Principle usage: development and manufacture of biomedical products

Facts and figures from the university area
Investment costs: 7.85 million Euros
Overall surface area: approx. 2 393 m², of which
-    776 m² laboratory space
-    201 m² storage space
-    217 m² office space
Principle usage: experimental research in close collaboration with the companies in the municipal part
of the building