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Biomedical Research Centre RostockBiomedical Research Centre Rostock
Biomedical Research Centre RostockBiomedical Research Centre Rostock

Rental offers

To all interested parties,
the laboratory modules in our modern centre and listed
below are, at the time of writing, available for rental:
clean room modules (equipped status as built)
cleanliness categories B, C and D as per GMP
1 x about 235 m²
1 x about 258 m²
1 x about 276 m²
laboratory modules of safety category 2 as per GenTSV
2 x about 122 m²
2 x about 86 m²
2 x about 112 m²
1 x about 111 m²
1 x about 58 m² (isotope laboratory)

Alongside the laboratory modules mentioned we are also offering additional office, storage and social rooms.

For further information we will be only too happy to answer your inquiries, so just make contact with us by telephone on +49 381 4611640 or by email.

For tenants in the BMFZ there are, amongst others, certain prerequisites/conditions on which depend the provision of development funds:
- the period of usage may be five, but not more than eight years in duration.
- those using the research centre may only be small or medium-sized companies (= KMU).

KMUs are companies which
- employ less than 250 persons and
- have an annual turnover of a maximum of 40 million Euros or an annual balance sheet of at the most
  27 million Euros and
- which do not have share ownership of 25 percent or more by one or more enterprises which do not fulfil
  the definition of a KMU.