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University part

The Medical Faculty of the University of Rostock has
concentrated highly effective and internationally recog-
nized academic research groups with nation-wide
scientific recognition at the University part of the BMFZ
that is located on campus Schillingallee.

Permanently installed cutting-edge research units provide
strong support for transiently attached research groups
that were chosen by an in-house selection procedure upon their scientific performance. Hence, the latter groups have been given the opportunity to reside in high quality laboratory modules with close connection to state-of-the-art basic research within a modern clinical environment.

These groups present expertise in Regenerative Medicine, the leading research focus of the Medical Faculty, shaping the scientific landscape of the entire University.

University part   University part   University part

In addition to performing their research projects, the mentioned research units are heavily involved in academic teaching programs, predominantly to those from the Medical Faculty. They are also contributing to the curricula in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Agricultural and Educational Sciences on both, the undergraduate and the graduate level. Thus, they form a supporting pillar in practise-oriented education for highly qualified young scientists with interest in academia and/or in industry.

These research units are bridging between academia and private companies (SMEs) who are located just next door in the city-owned part of the building. SMEs profit through co-operations with academic groups and accelerate targeted application and exploitation of research results. Such SMEs are already substantially contributing to the economy of the state of Mecklenburg - Western Pommerania.

University part   University part   University part

Ultimately, the research units of the University part actively strengthen the concept of the entire BMFZ for the Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock and the economy of the entire state that regards itself as Gesundheitsland with strong support for health care research, wellness tourism, and biotechnology as economic branches with prospering perspectives.

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